Perrill Family – Leilani Rogers, Austin,TX Family Photographer

Meet the Perrills – a family I love and adore. Â I have known the Perrills for years. Â And Esther has become one of my dearest friends. Â As I switched gears and began focusing more on lifestyle photography my dear friend was right behind me encouraging me to go forth and do what I love! Â Well, I LOVE how her family pictures turned out!!! Â Come see, come see!!!


{dad and son strum along}


{love this shot of the whole family on the sofa}


{As parents of 3 boys, this is a pretty typical scenario… *giggle*}


{Esther loves to bake with her kids! Â They don’t even need her help anymore! Â But I told her to flex her domestic prowess for the camera anyway.}




{sittin’ around the table eating cookies and enjoying life}



{Here is the newest member of the family, Motley.}


{love the feet poking out under the covers… ahhh, boys will be boys!}


{the beautiful couple}


{Last but not least… mom steals some kisses and hugs from her boys… *sigh*… so sweet!}


I had a ton ‘o fun with this family! Â There is such a sense of calm in their home. Â It’s infectious! <3


  1. by Tannie Smith on October 8, 2011  10:16 am Reply

    How beautiful! I can't wait to have you over to my place!!!!!! I just want to walk through those pictures and join them. Great work.

  2. by Esther Perrill on October 8, 2011  10:55 pm Reply

    Leilani, We absolutely LOVE the pictures! Thank you so much for making such beautiful memories for us. Love you!

  3. by Sarah Giles on October 17, 2011  7:03 pm Reply

    These are beautiful! I love your work, Leilani!! Esther, your family is so beautiful.

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