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Wow. The last few days have been very exciting! Many of you are now visiting from my facebook page and Birth Without Fear where I posted a picture of a baby born in the caul. I am thrilled that you are here and excited to share more images from this phenomenal birth.

Mama Lindsey was 41 weeks 1 day when she gave birth to her babes at home with midwife Heather Hilton (pictured below with student midwife Summer Kirschner). It was a fast labor. Heather made it just in time, and I got there about a minute after baby A was born. I knew we had a special birth on our hands because a) they were twins b) this was a home birth, free of intervention for post due twins (yay!) and c) baby B was breech. What I captured in the end? Far more amazing. Baby B came within about 5 minutes of my arrival and, having turned at the last minute, was born with a completely intact bag of waters. Rare indeed. Heather (of Central Texas Birth Center in Georgetown, TX) was amazing and so was her staff (Salli Gonzales – assisting midwife, Rebekah Galloway – doula, and Summer Kirschner – student midwife). Her skill and care for Lindsey is what facilitated this phenomenal capture. And I feel so fortunate to have been there to document it for her and this family.

So many questions have poured in about this birth. “What happens to the sac when it’s delivered intact like this?” being the most common. Answer? The midwife breaks it. In this case she had to tear it with her hands, it was so strong. Also – what were the baby’s weights? Baby A was 8 lbs. 13 oz. (!) and baby B was 6 lbs. 1 oz. If you have any other questions you should really visit Central Texas Birth Center’s facebook page and ask away. Heather is wonderful at explaining things; I’ve learned so much from her!

This and other images from this magical moment can be reviewed below. Many, many thanks to the family for allowing me to share these sacred images! Enjoy!!!


  1. by Sara B on July 8, 2013  7:04 pm Reply

    What a gift!!!! Blessings to the family! Beautiful job Leilani!!!

    • by Cecilia on July 17, 2013  9:51 am Reply

      Thank You for sharing! Wonderful!!!

  2. by Salli on July 8, 2013  7:30 pm Reply

    Amazing photos Leilani! You have an awesome gift. And what a birth, huh?

      • by Salli on July 8, 2013  10:23 pm Reply

        I can't stop looking at the photos. What a beautiful family!

  3. by Tiffany Hatch on July 8, 2013  7:30 pm Reply

    Stunning images! I live the babies trying to suck on the same hand <3

  4. by reyanna on July 8, 2013  7:33 pm Reply

    AWWWWW! These are so amazing! How adorable!! Kudos to the Lovely Mama, you, and the whole birthing team! :-)

  5. by Renella Fairley RMRN on July 8, 2013  7:44 pm Reply

    AWESOME! Fantastic images of a truly amazing experience! Congrats to the family xx

  6. by Michelle on July 8, 2013  8:30 pm Reply

    Many blessings to the family. Thank you for sharing these special moments with all of us!

  7. by Brooke on July 8, 2013  8:35 pm Reply

    This is so beautiful!

  8. by Kim on July 8, 2013  8:42 pm Reply

    So amazing. I'm so glad you were able to be there and capture this beautiful moment.

  9. by Larissa on July 8, 2013  9:07 pm Reply

    Absolutely amazing! Beautiful images of beautiful blessings!

  10. by Jennifer on July 8, 2013  9:08 pm Reply

    Amazing, amazing, amazing!!! And those are some BIG twins lol ;-) Love the one of the big guy looking right at the camera. Great job Leilani!

  11. by Stacie L. on July 8, 2013  10:03 pm Reply

    These photos are just stunning! I could not stop grinning as I viewed them and I may or may not have felt tears welling. Birth in such a loving captured it perfectly!!

  12. by Sabra on July 8, 2013  10:17 pm Reply

    Lei. This is so amazing. The pictures are absolutely breathtaking. Beautiful babies, beautiful mama, beautiful photography. Stunning, all of it.

  13. by Lindsay on July 9, 2013  12:58 am Reply

    i love it! i love it! i love it!

    as a fellow birth photog, you did an amazing job!!!! gorgeous work!

  14. by Candice on July 9, 2013  1:07 am Reply

    Thank you and to the family for sharing these absolutely amazing photographs! Simply beautiful!!

  15. by Laura on July 9, 2013  6:52 am Reply

    Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!

  16. by Rachel on July 9, 2013  7:00 am Reply

    Thank you Leilani, and of course to the family of these beautiful babies, for sharing these intimate and amazing photos. I don't know why I'm so captivated by en-caul births but obviously I'm not the only one! Best of luck and health to both twins and their super-mum. She has given many women an insight into what's possible in birth and the huge rewards that come with knowing and trusting yourself, your body and your babies!

  17. by Shanna-Kaye on July 9, 2013  3:20 pm Reply

    So amazing!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

    It's amazing to me for a mama to have twins that are both good sized babies-my son was born at 8 lb 13 oz, and I can't imagine carrying two of him at once! Congrats to the family :)

  18. by Melissa on July 9, 2013  9:34 pm Reply

    Gaaaaa! I am dying of cute over here! What amazing pictures! Thank you for sharing!

  19. by Heather Guymon on July 9, 2013  9:58 pm Reply

    These pictures are amazing! Just stunning! The picture of the babies trying to both suck on the same hand had me in tears. I couldn't wait to show my husband. Such a beautiful family!

  20. by casey on July 9, 2013  10:08 pm Reply

    Omg talk about aching ovaries. These babies are so adorable.

  21. by Amanda on July 9, 2013  11:03 pm Reply

    wow!!! simply amazing!

  22. by Marie, Petit Chou Rose® on July 11, 2013  1:07 am Reply

    Just B E A U T I F U L !!! Very nice photos and a family so cute !!!

  23. by Chastity Thompson on July 11, 2013  4:39 pm Reply

    Thank you so, so much for sharing! This is absolutely magical! Stunning! So amazing at how God has created us!!!! Incredible pictures!!!

  24. by Maggie Handy on July 12, 2013  6:15 am Reply

    Such a beautiful story of the amazing birth of these two gorgeous babies told with such superb photography. Congratulations Mum n Dad. Gods richest blessing for the whole family. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your special and unique experience with us. Love n blessings Maggie UK xx

  25. by Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke on July 14, 2013  10:50 pm Reply

    So amazing to witness and photograph, I want to see 100 more, did you get more images of the baby/face inside, too? Happy for you, girl!

  26. by Melissa Leet on July 17, 2013  7:55 am Reply

    What a gift, in so many ways! Thank you for blessing us with the sharing of these photos, and the story of how birth can be when a woman's body is left to do what it does best, with support. Congratulations to everyone involved! Hopefully this will inspire many women to consider homebirth. My third and final was a homebirth; My shortest labor by almost half!

  27. by JM on July 17, 2013  12:40 pm Reply

    I really wanted to have a at home birth with my twins, they ended up being high risk and born premature and spending their first couple months in the NICU. Seeing these photos makes me really happy.

  28. by Waynette on July 17, 2013  10:59 pm Reply

    I have never heard or seen something like this birth. The babies and momma are beautiful. I loved your photography and your comments about their weight and the water sack.

  29. by Lisa on July 28, 2013  8:34 pm Reply

    I had a similar experience with twins 3 weeks ago- 41+1 weeks, very fast delivery of baby A, 8lbs. 2 oz., baby B was breech and I ended up transporting and receiving a section. He was only 5 lbs. 5 oz. I will always mourn what could've been my twin breech home water birth, but it is good to see others' experiences. Congratulations to this mama and her babies. :)

  30. by heather on August 8, 2013  10:01 pm Reply

    Oh my goodness what a beautiful story, beautiful family, Beautiful choice. Thank you so much for sharing that story I made me smile And restored my faith somehow in the good of the world. God is such an amazing & all knowing dude!! God has blessed us all. Enjoy your incredibly cutie pie babies!!!

  31. by Alissabeth on August 8, 2013  10:21 pm Reply

    Such beautiful pictures, capturing the essence of birth! The picture of the intact sac is amazing....a glimpse of what goes on inside and how it all works. These photos bring back birth memories of my soon to be two 2 year old's.

  32. by Kathryn on August 9, 2013  6:10 pm Reply

    Absolutely beautiful!! Phenomenal pictures and an amazing experience.. Congrats to this blessed family.

  33. by Nicole on August 10, 2013  11:04 am Reply


  34. by Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) on August 20, 2013  6:27 pm Reply

    You captured this incredible birth so perfectly! I am in awe!!!!! As a twin myself, I love seeing the interaction of the babies too. So beautiful!!!!

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