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I love it when I have a moment to photograph something other than people. Â The subjects of today’s post are some old cooking utensils and a sugar bowl my mother-in-law wanted photographed for a cookbook she is putting together, and some shots I took in her garden.

There is something about finding a unique way to photograph ordinary things that I love. Â Finding an angle that makes something like an old potato masher look artistic is so fun.


The potato masher belonged to my mother-in-law’s mother, who you can see in the background of the shot below. Â The cookbook is being assembled in honor of her for an upcoming family reunion.


I love the way he sunlight filtered through the trees overhead to catch lights  – here a little, there a little – in the glass etchings of this old sugar bowl:


This antique spoon is paired creatively with an old doily and a one-of-a-kind recipe written in “Mom’s” own handwriting. Â I used the “rusty cage” action on this one to give it some flair:


I found this little guy perched on one of the steps down into my mother-in-law’s garden. Â Turned out to be an abandoned shell though!


The backlighting on this rose was too good to pass up. Â Isn’t it just lovely? Â Especially with a little vintage action.


Here it is again in black and white!


Contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of these files! Â They are just $30 each.

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