i heart faces – Peoples Choice Photo Challenge | Best Face in February

This is an exciting entry for me. Sometimes you just get an outstanding image without hardly trying. Such was the case for me a couple Saturdays ago with the beautiful Miss Alicia, who’s mom gave her a “Sweet Sixteen” shoot for her birthday!


Linking up HERE, where you can vote for Alicia this evening through Thursday evening!!! I_Heart_Faces_Photography_125


  1. by Eva on March 8, 2011  5:17 pm Reply

    What a sweet birthday present. Beautiful image of a beautiful girl!

  2. by Eva on March 8, 2011  5:46 pm Reply

    LOL. I deleted your other comment. Your "secret" is safe with me. ;)

  3. by Mindy on March 8, 2011  9:09 pm Reply

    SOOOOO cute...You are one amazing photographer, Cuz! I love your work:-)

  4. by lori on March 9, 2011  1:41 pm Reply

    absolutely STUNNING!

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