1 year old Kenna – Leilani Rogers, Austin, TX Baby Photography

Oh my word. Â I had so much fun with this little doll! Â I couldn’t get enough of her and her fabulous frocks (handmade by Mom, of course). Â I’m giddy with excitement to show her off.










Such a darling, delicious baby! Â Happy 1st birthday sweet Kenna!!!

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  1. by Cindy Chapter on June 2, 2011  7:17 pm Reply

    I voted for you :) ... and we should totally get together for coffee sometime, since we are both Austinites

  2. by Mindy on June 3, 2011  10:10 am Reply

    These pics are just SO cute! I'm waiting for Zoe to start walking and than maybe we can talk about coming down for a visit so we can catch up and get some 1 year old pics of Zoe:-) You are one talented chica!

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