MY FAMILY!!! – Leilani Rogers, Austin, TX Family Photography

I am so happy to post pictures of my own family – my kiddos to be exact! Â I’ve been postponing the session since Friday… first there was a delay in getting one of my boys’ hair cut, then there was fever and coughs, and this morning it even began to rain. Â But I said to hell with it (!) and went out to a covered area and got some pictures of them anyway. Â I had to do it this week. Â Or I knew there would be no hope.

Check out how cute they are!!! Â Gosh I love these guys.







Now I just have to decide which one’s the most card worthy!!!


  1. by Donna on November 21, 2011  9:08 pm Reply

    I like ALL of them!!!! I think for a card the one with the joy signs would be cute, or a card with 2 images - the ones with the garland.

  2. by Kristen Duke on November 21, 2011  11:32 pm Reply

    SO so cute!!! Love those silver ornaments and great smiles;)

  3. by Lei on November 22, 2011  1:24 am Reply

    I took your advice, Donna! And made a 2-sided card. Thank you!

    Thanks Kristin!

  4. by Jen on December 4, 2011  9:55 am Reply

    Hi! I found your site through a pin on Pinterest. Your photos are so beautiful. I really really like the photos with the large silver ornament--where did you pick that up from?? It's such a fun prop and tree decoration!

  5. by Lei on December 4, 2011  12:05 pm Reply

    Jen - Thank you! Those were purchases from IKEA last year. I don't know if they have them this year, but I have seen some similarly sized plain silver ornaments at Hobby Lobby.

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