I Heart Faces Challenge – Hugs and Kisses | Leilani Rogers, Austin, TX Family Photographer

The I Heart Faces Challenge this week is “Hugs and Kisses”… so I am pulling a shot from my session last weekend (and last blog post) to enter.


I Heart Faces

I love this photo so much! I think it's pretty obvious I am a big fan of sun flare and back lighting. I rarely shoot any time of day other than at sunset, just so I can get some great flare and backlit photos. It's just such yummy lighting. That coupled with the sweet moment this young couple stole for the camera, makes it a perfect fit for this theme.


  1. by Rebecca Cox on February 21, 2012  12:57 pm Reply

    Hey! I know that sweet couple! Beautiful image, Leilani! I love shooting at sunset too, though I am still mastering the backlit/sun flare look. Great work!

  2. by Julie Rivera on February 21, 2012  1:14 pm Reply

    The long shadows and tiptoes of the mom seal this one for me. The feeling is very warm.

  3. by Cyndi Bosworth on February 21, 2012  1:46 pm Reply

    Lovely image, such a sweet family! The lighting is wonderful and love the leading lines from the shadows.

  4. by Lindsey on February 21, 2012  2:32 pm Reply

    love this family shot. The light and shadows are amazing!

  5. by Rebecca on February 21, 2012  5:19 pm Reply

    The lighting in this image is gorgeous! It caught my eye from the thumbnail.

  6. by Amanda W on February 21, 2012  5:30 pm Reply

    Lovely photo!!!

  7. by Lei on February 21, 2012  5:40 pm Reply

    Thank you so much everybody!

  8. by Jennifer Leigh on February 21, 2012  11:47 pm Reply

    Love the composition, the backlighting...everything about this image. Nice work!

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