A Day in the Life – First day of school 2012!

I know I’m a day late on posting my first day of school pictures.  But, I only wanted to do one thing yesterday after I got all my kids out the door, and that was take a nice, long nap!  And I did!  And it was grand!


This year my kids woke up to a Back to School Feast, a la Nie Nie.  They were surprised!  We’ve done various takes on this idea of celebrating the beginning of a new school year, but a big breakfast hasn’t been one of them.  I know a lot of families do dinner the night before… our night before school is just too crazy, what with hosing down the little monsters and making them presentable after a summer of minimal primping.  Hehe.


I picked out a theme for our school year as well.  Return With Honor is a motto who’s origins lie in the military, but I want my kids to learn the concept of doing the right thing when no one is watching, of coming home from school each day proud of how they behaved and performed, and of constantly monitoring their personal attitudes, adopting characteristics such as positivity, loyalty, and trustworthiness in all that they do.  We’ve struggled with bullying and I want them to test the theory that being strong, a positive example to those around you, and someone who works hard to lift others up and not let others get them down, will bring them happiness and security around their peers.  And to boost their confidence a little, I made them each a personalized crown, to remind them of their royalty in mine, their father’s, and most importantly, our Heavenly Father’s eyes.


Here’s a few pictures of how the kitchen looked before they “dug in”.


[nggallery id=27]


And them enjoying good eats, even though they were a bit bleary-eyed!


[nggallery id=29]


After breakfast we hurried on our way!


[nggallery id=28]


After schoool we picked up our favorite snack from Wendy’s – frosties and fries.


[nggallery id=30]


The kids had a lot of, shall we say decompressing?, to do… thus the silliness.  I sure love my kiddos!  And had a lot of fun documenting such a big day in their lives!

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