I Heart Faces – Summer Fun

The theme or this month’s I Heart Faces challenge is summer fun.  This may not be the best photo I’ve taken all summer, but it’s my favorite candid, and it screams summer to me.  I remember so well how delightful it was to run through sprinklers when I was a child! Loved capturing my daughter’s very same delight in this split moment!



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Photo Challenge Submission



  1. by Holly on September 4, 2012  10:56 am Reply

    How fun! What a perfect summer moment to capture!! :)

  2. by Pam D on September 4, 2012  11:30 am Reply

    Love this! What a perfect split second capture!

  3. by Karen on September 4, 2012  2:14 pm Reply

    Great photo! Love her joyfulness :)

  4. by tangie on September 4, 2012  4:15 pm Reply

    this is SO fun!! i love that she is wearing a dress, and that even through all the water sprinkling everywhere you can see the very joy-filled look on her face! beautiful capture!!

  5. by Kristina on September 4, 2012  5:41 pm Reply

    It is so very wonderful when an images makes you smile! This is beautiful!

  6. by Megan on September 5, 2012  5:47 am Reply

    Great capture! What fun she must be having since mom said it was okay to run through the sprinkler in a dress :)

    • by Leilani Rogers on September 5, 2012  1:43 pm Reply

      it was definitely a spontaneous moment :)

  7. by Jess on September 5, 2012  8:43 am Reply

    What a FUN and great capture, I just love this!!!

  8. by Ally on September 5, 2012  1:19 pm Reply

    Pure Joy!!!! Love Love Love it!

  9. by Jen Parker on September 5, 2012  5:17 pm Reply

    Love the joy in her face and the excitement in her body language!

  10. by Jackie on September 5, 2012  5:32 pm Reply

    Great capture!

  11. by Mirages by Marilyn on September 5, 2012  10:25 pm Reply

    What a magical photo. Gives the viewer an emotion that is peeeerfect with the theme!

  12. by Ali on September 6, 2012  6:06 pm Reply

    Love this! Summer would not be summer without an impromptu run through the sprinklers!

  13. by Suzanne Drake on September 7, 2012  12:19 pm Reply

    Wonderful shot!

  14. by Lindsay on September 8, 2012  5:01 pm Reply

    I love the emotion and light in this image, makes me want to join her!

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