Meet the Vanderwerkens

A few weeks ago while I was in upstate NY I had the opportunity to book a session with this sweet family.  Christy (the mom) and I have run many a race together, and we ran the Adirondacks Ragnar together, too (my primary reason for visiting).  I adore these guys.  They lived in Austin near us up until a year ago, and we had a lot of fun hanging out with them, running with them (both my husband and I with Christy and her husband John), and living with them.  Hahaha, actually not WITH them, so much as at their house while they were out of town once (because our house had flooded).  They are such great people and have been sorely missed since they moved!


Their session took place in Schoharie at John’s uncle’s pumpkin patch/old country store/Halloween attraction, and Christy’s parents and sister were also in attendance (see photo of them at the end of the album).  There could not have been a more perfect location for this time of year!  The fall colors were just beginning to peak, the weather was so cool and refreshing… it basically made me want to come home and bake apple pie and start the fire.  (Of course, when I got back to the upper 80 degree weather of an “Austin Fall”, I was jerked back into reality.  Hmph.  But it was fun while it lasted.)


Have a look at their gorgeous photos (including one of me and Christy and our friend Kellie at the very end)!



I have to admit, I was a little sad to leave.  I really fell in love with the areas I saw while there (stay tuned for pictures from my race and Boston and Saratoga, too!).  So much so, that I've got my eye on an old Victorian home for sale in Schoharie.  I don't know much about it yet, but I am anxious to find out all I can!


Thanks Vanderwerkens for letting me capture your cute family and spend time with you all.  I had a blast!

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