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2012 is coming to a close and just as I have done the last 3 years I have been in business, I sit here and reflect on how things are going and what I can improve.  (All the photographers in the house are nodding.)  What’s gone well and what has not?  What changes need to be made?  Am I on target with my goals?  Do I need to refocus?  And most importantly – do I feel successful?  Which leans to other questions, such as what determines success?  Is it xxxx number of fans on my facebook page?  Is it xxx number of sessions I did this year?  Is it xxxxx number of dollars I made this year?  Is it how many pages my contract is?  Whether or not I’ve been published?  What my google ranking is or who I rub shoulders with?


I have no degree in photography.  I didn’t serve any internships.  I didn’t have any mentors (just a few great friends).   I am what they call “self taught”.  I am what some may call a “momographer”.  Proud member of the “mamarazzi” right here.  There are so many negative connotations to how I got where I am and how many times I’ve tripped along the way, as well as how far I have to go.   There’s only one way to become a successful photographer, didn’t you know?


But I don’t want this to be a whiny post, or vent session.  I want to relish in what I have discovered about myself this year.  Because it’s been good.  I feel GOOD about where I am right now and where my work stands.  I have perhaps the most important component to a successful photography business, and that’s passion.  And by successful, I’m not considering any of the above mentioned benchmarks.


Ok – so now I’m going to turn inward a bit and speak from the heart so as to not sound soapboxy.  A mentor I am not, just a girl who’s got a lot of heart invested in this little hobby of mine.  I’ve realized that *my* moments of success have nothing to do with what’s going on “out there”.  In other words, what you see on paper OR twitter (and the like).  It’s the feeling I get when I’m inspired to try something new.  Something I’ve never seen before.   It’s the feeling I get when a client/friend tells me “You, my dear, capture memories in such a natural yet spectacular way……you have an eye.”  (Thanks, Grace.)  I’ve received so many lovely verbal affirmations this year that have touched my heart.  You see, I feel success on the inside.  Nothing external has ever replicated the feeling I get when I capture a photo of a new baby, just seconds old.  Or a spontaneous belly laugh captured from Mom and Dad when I whisper into their children’s ears to run and tickle them.  Or when I seize the 2 second opportunity to capture a child peering curiously over his brother’s shoulder into the book he’s reading, his arm naturally draped over his shoulder, neither of them noticing me with my camera just a few feet away.


It would be nice to be making more money.  It would be nice to have a broader fan base.  It would be nice to come up on the first page search for  photographers in Austin.  It would be nice for a large publication to call and ask to interview me!   But the small validation I receive is enough.  And I don’t have to walk too far from home to receive it, which is pretty convenient, right? 😉


I want to thank all my 2012 clients for helping me be successful, in the most meaningful ways.  I look forward to 2013 – to igniting some new ideas, to meeting more people, and to sharing what I love, love, love to do with others.  I may have one or 2 more client sessions to share before January, but in case I forget – happy holidays to all of you. <3


  1. by grace on December 7, 2012  3:40 pm Reply

    this was lovely, I know about passion and success or the lack of it by the worlds standards.... and u r genuinely successful in all the ways that truly matter.......thank u that my simple yet true comment touched u enough to mention it :) love u!!!!!

  2. by Shelley on December 21, 2012  11:19 pm Reply

    If you got it, you got it... and girlfriend, you have talent beyond words can describe. Your passion and your love for photography shows through your images and I am so happy that I met you this year. I love talking about photography with you in every possible way... You are so loving, generous and lovely inside and out. Your clients are lucky to have you as their photographer. You inspired me to be better and I thank you, my friend, for being such a great friend. You deserve all the success coming your way next year and more!

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