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When I met Loni and Ben a few months ago I knew they were going to be a treat to photograph.  They were darling first parents-to-be and the support and love shared between them was obvious from the beginning.  Loni’s birth was the longest I’ve attended thus far.  Long enough that myself and the midwives had a chance to go home and get some rest somewhere around 12 hours into her labor.  I believe Loni’s labor from beginning to end (including the time before I was called and the time during which I was home) was over 24 hours.  That’s hard for any mama, let alone a first time mama!  But Loni handled everything so calmly, gracefully,  and BEAUTIFULLY.  She was an inspiration to watch.  And Ben was there by her side every second and an amazing support to her.  As you will see from the slideshow, Loni’s birth began at home and ended at the hospital.  Not at all what she planned, but her story nonetheless.  It is no less beautiful a story due to the sudden turn of events which lead to an emergency cesarian birth.

My favorite part?  When after IV fluids her energy level picked up and she began dance walking around her house!  This happens around 2:45, so watch for it!  At this point in time Loni had been in labor for at least 10 hours.  What a trooper!



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