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Back when I began photographing births and was portfolio building, Kim contacted me about photographing the birth of her son. My sister-in-law had just moved to the area, and met Kim, and they became instant friends as they are both birth nuts. Hahaaaa! (Hey I am one too so it’s all good.) My sister-in-law’s birth was going to be my first ever to photograph. So I was just starting out and had decided to take only 1 birth per month. And unfortunately Kim was due around the same time as my sister-in-law. So I had to turn her away. But the friendship that’s followed has been so valuable to me. Not only do I love her as a person, but she’s been so encouraging of me as I’ve grown into this niche. When I began photographing breastfeeding mamas last year, Kim was there to support me. She follows my work on facebook and has also promoted me many times on her blog: Prairie Mama.

Fast forward a couple years and Kim got pregnant again. This time I was available to book her! Hallelujah! In fact, she’s been on my calendar since her first trimester. And we have both REALLY looked forward to this moment.

Kim didn’t expect to get as far into (or past, depending on your view of due dates) her pregnancy as she did. Consequently, I almost missed her birth! I was leaving for a family reunion the next day when she finally for real went into labor. I was so excited and relieved! Her birth was fun, inspiring, fascinating and beautiful! My sister-in-law (who had introduced us to begin with) was the doula, and her midwife was also Kim’s midwife. It was like a big party with all of us knowing each other so well. And Kim and Jeremy are old hats at this labor thing. So the environment was relaxed as well. I felt so lucky to be a part of it, to watch this couple mesh so well, and see this birth team work together with such love and unity. I tell you, Austin has the BEST birth community!!!

I hope you all can feel the great sense of surety, and support, and happiness in these images. They are some of my favorites (I know I say that a lot)! Enjoy!

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  1. by reyanna on September 7, 2013  5:41 pm Reply

    Lovely!!! Oh Kim is so very beautiful. Loved these photos!! :D

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