The Birth of Sawyer – Austin Birth Photographer

I had the honor of photographing Sawyer’s birth this past weekend. Sam texted me Sunday morning to let me know Dusty and he were headed the hospital, and when they arrived Dusty was already 5cm! Since Dusty’s plan was to have a natural childbirth, laboring at home for as long as possible was important to her. Dusty’s labor progressed smoothly and swiftly, and within a few hours they discovered they’d had a boy! They had chosen to keep baby’s gender a surprise, so that was a very happy moment.

Dusty had both her husband and mother support her at her birth. They worked together so well. Sam was so sweet with her and her mama took on the role of a doula beautifully! I was very touched by the support they both gave, but seeing her mother know just what to do and say made me miss having my mom at my last 3 births (she passed away 9 years ago). I know it is a very personal and individual choice. Some couples prefer it be just them, and then some mamas (like my sister-in-law) invite not only their mom, but sisters, brothers, dad… It’s like a family party!

Enjoy this little preview of Dusty, Sam and Sawyer Dean’s birth story!


  1. by Michelle Nolan on October 30, 2013  6:25 pm Reply

    Beautiful as always! Those toes!!!

  2. by Mama Gretchen on October 31, 2013  9:58 pm Reply

    Beautiful!!! What an amazing experience!
    On a personal note... Thanks for listening to me babble!

  3. by Shay on November 9, 2013  6:21 am Reply

    This is one of the most amazing gifts; thanks for sharing! Congratulations!! He is just perfect!

  4. by Grandma Pearl on November 10, 2013  5:36 pm Reply

    I name the pictures of the birth of Sawyer--"The Beauty of Birth."

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