Image Of The Year – Born In The Caul

Good afternoon, everyone! What an exciting week this has been. I have entered my caul image into the “Image Of The Year” competition with This week they’ve held a “People’s Choice” portion, and all the entrants are campaigning for votes for their image! I am thrilled to be in first place, although I have some stiff competition.

I wanted to share the birth story from this miraculous event to support the weight my image holds in this competition. A baby born in the caul is truly a magnificent and rare event. Often a mother’s water breaks on its own or is broken for her by her care provider, usually to speed up labor. To have the moment preserved is unusual. There are a few other pictures of caul births floating around… most who have seen this one have seen them all. I am partial to mine of course, because I believe that the mother and baby were the first priority (i.e., I wasn’t given allowance to poise, get various angles, or take advantage of the opportunity). Yay for the excellent midwifery care at Central Texas Birth Center! Also, this was a one shot opportunity – and if I do say so myself, I nailed it! Labor was fast, the room was dark, it was crowded, and I still managed to capture this split second moment.

twin born in the caul at home

Leilani Rogers is a birth photographer based in Austin, TX.

HERE is the link to my image for your vote. I would so appreciate it!

And here is the slideshow for this incredible birth story.

Thank YOU for your support! I have received so many votes from so many friends, family members and fans. I am so very touched by the encouragement and love for my work! Thank you also to Scout’s parents, who have generously allowed me to share her image with the world.

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