The Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project: Meet the photographers!

World Breastfeeding Week is off to a great start. The photographers for #PBAP2014 have been sharing, sharing, sharing all over Facebook and instagram. Unfortunately FB is suppressing us. Big time. So I wanted to assemble a list here of links to all participating business pages! Many of them are not making it into your newsfeed and that ain’t right. Because there is so much beautiful work being shared! Please take a moment to visit and like these pages. And then – this is where we need your help – share images from the project! Find me on instagram (@photosbylei). Pin images from my blog. Retweet me at @_PhotosByLei_. And look for links to blog posts/instagram/twitter from these lovely ladies on their pages as well. THANK YOU!

Leilani Rogers, Photographer (hey – that’s me!)
LilCranny Photography
Ashley Marston Photography
Cori Michelle Photography
Selina Jean Photography
Jennifer Liv photography
Santa Cruz Birth Photography
Maegan Dougherty Photography
Moondance Photography
Little Moon Birth Photography
Bellies to Babies Birth Services
Kastle Kelley Photography
Kindred Photographer
Roberta Cotter Photography
Meghan Nesom Photography
Tammy Bradshaw Photography
Sticky Mango Photos
Huey Family Photography
Leah Jent Photography
Paige Wilks Photography
Second Ave Photography
Amanda Jackson Photography
Three Plus Photography
Sabrina Bean Photography
April Newman Photography
New Creation Photography and Birth Photography
Margherita Lamanno Photography
Bella Grace Photography
Sarah Moore Photography
An Infinite Moment Photography
Peace Love Babies
Stumberg Photography
Amanda Dee Photography
Carolyn Spranger Photography: Births
Amber Bourret Photography
Lilyta Photography
Hello World Photography + Birth Doula
Life and Blessings Photography
Barbara Paredes Photography
Cynthia Dawson Photography
Paulina Splechta Photography
Fulgencio Photography
Sabrena Rexing Photography
Kristy Powell, Birth Photographer and Doula
Sarah Boccolucci Photography | Doula
Connie Granja Photography
Aniron Photography
Always Elegant Photography
Tapuat Photos
(Re)cordis Fotografia
Kristin Jent Photography
Bellybuddhas Doula and Birth photography Services
Esther Edith galleries
2M Photography
Megan Soto Photography

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