Project 52: week 4 (bird’s eye view) and 5 (balance)

I’m a week behind on my Project 52 images. But last week was big for me! I’ll tell you all about in in another post.

Week 4 was “Bird’s Eye View”. I take lots of photos from the bird’s eye vantage point. It’s an angle I love. But I’m trying to stretch myself a bit for this project so I took bird’s eye to a different level. And it still feels “big perspective” to me even though it’s not an overhead shot.

documentary photographer in Austin, TX

Bird’s Eye View

Week 5 was “Balance”. I tried a few difference things before settling on the shot of my daughter skateboarding. She’s bent trying to nail a trick called an “ollie”. She did catch air, but since the challenge is balance I was trying to catch her just as her feet hit the board on the way down. Which was fun.

documentary photographer in Austin, TX


Scroll through to see more Project 52 images, next up is Kristin Bell Photography.

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