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Documenting newborns at home is such a wonderful way to preserve those first happy memories with your baby. Time passes so quickly and your baby’s mannerisms change day by day (sometimes minute by minute!) It’s crazy how much they change in so little time. If there are any big brothers or big sisters at home, this is an especially busy time. You will forget what it was like. Trust me, I speak from experience! My youngest is 11, and my oldest is 18. I do have photos and video and I am so grateful. Looking back over these memories is one of our favorite things to do on the weekends!  It is so amazing how just a photo can bring back a flood of memories… I suddenly find myself remembering the sights and smells of that day.

The Herzog family moved to Texas almost 2 years ago. I met them at church and instantly felt connected to Alison, who is also a hard working mama. I love the dynamics of their family… husband Chris is so involved and hands on with their children. Such a great balancing act! The kiddos are vibrant and happy. I loved getting to document them at play one minute, and then quiet and gentle the next minute with baby sister, Hazel.

Enjoy these memories, Herzog family!newborn photography

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