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  • Lifestyle Photography - A Day in OUR Life

  • My kids love to watch "home videos".  I regret that I haven't been great with a video camera the last few years.  It seemed more important when they were younger.  So in conjunction with my idea for "A Day in the Life" I compiled a s[...]
  • Sunflowers

  • My friend Kristen Duke is doing a fun new series encouraging Moms to get in front of the camera. And this weekend on my way to photograph my cousin's wedding in Dallas, I hit a small town called italy that had FIELDS of sunflowers. Just like in Tuscany. Sunflowers have always been a favorite of mine[...]
  • Somewhere - Mothers Day Birth Photography

  • Somewhere someone has just found out she is going to become a mother. Somewhere someone has found out she won’t. Somewhere a mother is crying for the loss of a pregnancy. Somewhere a mother isn’t ready to be a mother. Somewhere a mother is giving birth. Somewhere a mother is sleep deprived. Somewher[...]
  • First Glimpse of Avi - Birth

  • A "First Glimpse" session takes place within 48 hours of birth, at the hospital, birth center or home (if that is where your birth took place). It is done during business hours and is customized to fit the needs of the couple that may not want a photographer at the whole birth, for whatever reason. [...]