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  • Breastfeeding Photography

  • Breastfeeding photography is something near and dear to my heart. I breastfed 4 babies and had a difficult start with each one of them. So for me, breastfeeding was a journey paved with anxiety. I avoided public breastfeeding at all costs. Not only was I self conscious about my body, but I was afrai[...]
  • Documentary Newborn Photography

  • There’s nothing as sweet as a newborn baby. And nothing changes as quickly as as a newborn baby! In your lifestyle newborn session we’ll capture the thrill of adding a new member to your family in a documentary fashion. The goal is to create a little peek into your baby moon period, which is so flee[...]
  • Birth Photography

  • Why birth photography? Most people hire a photographer for their wedding day. It’s a beautiful, momentous occasion that marks one of the biggest days of your life. I think giving birth is just as important an event! Birth photography documents the work, the excitement, the anticipation, the suppo[...]