What is a Herbal Bath Session?

An herbal bath session is only available to birth clients. Often homebirth mamas receive an herbal bath mix with their birth kit. If that is the case and you are feeling up to it, I will photograph an herbal bath with you and baby soon after you give birth. If you wish to add an herbal bath session to your birth photography package, I will come back within 48 hours and photograph it then. Please note that a separate session incurs a separate fee. If you do not have the herbs I can provide them. Home birth mamas and I can discuss the inclusion of an herbal bath at our consultation. If you are birthing at a birth center or hospital, you will need to book your herbal bath session separately and it will take place in your home around 2-4 days post partum. I will provide the herbs as they generally are not made available to you in hospitals or birth centers.

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