Why hire a photographer?

If you want to remember the excitement you felt as you realized “today is the day”, if you want the tender exchanges between you and your partner captured, if you want to look at that precious moment when you meet your baby for the first time over and over again, then you should have a photographer at your birth. Want to know how many times I realized, minutes too late, that in all the excitement and flurry of activity during labor nobody remembered to snap a picture of me or my brand new baby, let alone all the exciting moments following the birth? Having a birth photographer takes care of all that… you can sit back and focus on birthing and not worry about how your partner or doula is going to manage supporting and caring for you AND capturing that first cry, weight, measurements, footprints, snuggle, kiss and so on. It’s a moment that cannot be recreated; a moment that should be celebrated and remembered.

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