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  • My 63 Most Captivating Images of 2016

  • 2016 was full of captivating moments. The families I met are wonderful, the *photographers I worked with were incredible. I photographed 25 mothers/babies this year, spoke at The Baby Summit, and was published online and in print over 60 times! I am absolutely thrilled with the exposure bi[...]
  • Surrogacy is Love - A Second Journey

  • I had the honor of documenting local doula Leticia's second surrogate journey a couple months ago! You probably remember her first journey... the journey of twins born on different days. Well, birth is unpredictable. And Leticia's second journey proved that fact! Of the experience, Leticia wrote: [...]
  • Project 52: Week 2 "B&W"

  • This project is already making me push myself to search for the moments. In my line of work (birth photography) you get to sit and wait for the magic to appear. With structured themes I have 2 choices 1) create the moment or  2) hunt for it. If you know my work at all you know there is not setting t[...]
  • Project 52: Week 1 "NEW"

  • I joined a Project 52 group. Yay! This means I have committed to take 1 non-biz related photo of my family each week in 2016. This week's theme is "NEW". The new year is a great time to try new things. My daughter and her cousin decided to try ice skating.  They loved it. And despite my concern that[...]