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  • Welcome, Jacob! Austin Birth Photography

  • It was 3:50 p.m. and Jen was on day 2 of signs of early labor. Since her body had been warming up for a couple days, it didn't take long for things to progress. I arrived at their home about 5:30 p.m. When I walked in, the kids greeted me with smiles and excitement. Jen and Clint had never left[...]
  • Welcome, Baby! - Austin Birth Photographer

  • When I arrived at this birth, everything was pretty quiet. It was about 9:00pm. The other children were asleep and Mama was cheerfully chatting with her midwives. Every now and then she would move to her birth ball, or walk around the house, but she pretty much stayed in the same frame of mind ri[...]
  • Clive is 1 - Austin Birth Photographer

  • I just cannot believe this little guy was born a year ago. I photographed a First Glimpse session for these guys after Clive was born. His mama was wanting some family pictures done in honor of his turning 1 and I just couldn't resist. I enjoyed their first session with me so much! Kati is suc[...]
  • born at home - Austin Birth Photographer

  • When Brooke and I first met, she wasn't sure how much of her birth experience she wanted photographed. She did know that she wanted to preserve those first moments with her baby, as well as when baby met big brother Emerson. But the whole labor experience captured? She just couldn't decide. So s[...]