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  • Welcome Penny - Austin, TX Birth Photographer

  • Oh what a treat this birth was. Lindsay contacted me just a few weeks before her "due date" to capture her birth. I was already booked but offered to be on standby for her, meaning if I am able to come, am not at someone else's birth, and am not called away to anyone else's birth during hers, I wo[...]
  • Meet Crew - Austin, TX Birth Photographer

  • When I met Loni and Ben a few months ago I knew they were going to be a treat to photograph.  They were darling first parents-to-be and the support and love shared between them was obvious from the beginning.  Loni's birth was the longest I've attended thus far.  Long enough that myself and the midw[...]
  • The Blessingway Tradition

  • I have attended 2 blessingways now for clients whose births I have photographed, and both times have walked away feeling so proud to be a woman.  So proud that a community of women who lift each other up and support one another in love and encouragement exists!  You can't help but feel connected aft[...]
  • Welcome Crew - Austin, TX Birth Photographer

  • I had the privilege of attending the birth of Loni and Ben's first child last week.  I got the call Tuesday morning around 2:30 am.  When I arrived, Loni was birthing peacefully in bed and stayed in that frame of mind throughout her labor.  I was amazed at the strength she exhibited, especially sinc[...]