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  • My 63 Most Captivating Images of 2016

  • 2016 was full of captivating moments. The families I met are wonderful, the *photographers I worked with were incredible. I photographed 25 mothers/babies this year, spoke at The Baby Summit, and was published online and in print over 60 times! I am absolutely thrilled with the exposure bi[...]
  • The Best Birth Photos of 2015

  • It wasn't an easy task, but I've selected my best birth photos from 2015. I feel fortunate to have met each family I worked with this past year. Every kind of birth is beautiful, and luckily I was able to capture a huge variety in 2015. I was also blessed with a  multitude of new opportunities. I fo[...]
  • PBAP2015 - Austin, TX Breastfeeding Photographer

  • PBAP2015 brought in hundreds of fresh and beautiful photographs of mothers breastfeeding in public places. I am blown away by the talent represented by nearly 70 photographers from all over the globe. We are now representing breastfeeding mothers not only in America, but Australia, the UK, Italy, Ve[...]
  • #PBAP2014 - Austin Breastfeeding Photographer

  • 2014 was PBAP's first year going global. And what a year it was! Huffington Post, Medela, Midwifery Today, Babycenter, Redbook Magazine, Parent Dish, Elite Daily and Cafemom - all featured the project. Before we ring in new images for 2015, here is a round up of 2014's top contributors. PBAP now con[...]