Meeting [b]ecker in Little Rock


I had the privelege of attending a fabulous photography workshop last week in Little Rock with Christopher Becker, wedding photographer based out of Orange County.  [b]ecker is well known for his images of course, as well as his brand, his business saavyness, and his zest for photography. Getting to soak up all his yummy advice and encouragement was such an incredible experience for me, and the first of its kind!  **As was getting to know other fabulous photographers, and getting to "2nd shoot" to [b]ecker himself in the mock engagement session you see below. 

Here also is a shot my friend Lee Ann took of me outside the hotel where the workshop was held.  This is the only shot I have of me with a camera, so that was kinda fun.


Because I learned SO much, you will see some changes in my business over the next few weeks.  I'm revamping my watermark, I'm redoing this blog, I'll be offering some new products… I'm super excited.  Stay tuned!

** many thanks to Benfield Photography for sharing one of his 2010 wedding clients for this shoot!


  1. by Janet on September 21, 2009  9:33 am Reply

    Love the last picture of you!

  2. by Lee Ann on September 21, 2009  1:27 pm Reply

    It was fabulous!! Thanks for hanging out!

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