Birth Photography

Why birth photography? Most people hire a photographer for their wedding day. It’s a beautiful, momentous occasion that marks one of the biggest days of your life. I think giving birth is just as important an event!

Birth photography documents the work, the excitement, the anticipation, the support and tender exchanges between you and your partner during labor. It documents that precious moment when you finally meet your baby. It documents all the exciting post partum moments following birth… breathing your baby in, learning to breastfeed, meeting family members.

Birth photography empowers. It’s easy to forget how strong and amazing you are in the moment. Looking back on your birth photos reminds you. Birth photography heals. If you’re looking to have a different birth experience that you have in the past, or need reassurance in processing a difficult birth, your photos can be a source of comfort.

These precious moments are so often missed because there’s just not enough hands. I want to capture these moments for you. They cannot be recreated and they should be celebrated and remembered forever!


Lifestyle Newborn Photography

There’s nothing as sweet as a newborn baby. And nothing changes as quickly as as a newborn baby! In your lifestyle newborn session we’ll capture the thrill of adding a new member to your family in a documentary fashion. The goal is to create a little peek into your baby moon period, which is so fleeting and magical. So there will be lots of baby snuggles with Mom and Dad, sibling love, and close ups of all those precious little parts! Many moms also request some breastfeeding shots, as breastfeeding photography is near and dear to my heart. My goal is to give you images that will help you remember those early weeks with joy and fondness, as they tend to be forgotten in the whirlwind of feeding, changing and just trying to stay awake! Your Lifestyle Newborn session will take place in your home between 3 and 10 days old.


Breastfeeding Photography

Breastfeeding photography is something near and dear to my heart. I breastfed 4 babies and had a difficult start with each one of them. So for me, breastfeeding was a journey paved with anxiety. I avoided public breastfeeding at all costs. Not only was I self conscious about my body, but I was afraid of what people would think about me baring my chest in public. My last baby was breastfed until she was 18 months old and I can count on 2 hands the number of times I breastfed her in public. While I am incredibly proud of how long she nursed for, I am very disappointed that it was not something others really felt like celebrating with me. I really wish I could go back in time and tell myself to not be ashamed. I wish I had taken more pictures of us nursing, because I miss that bond tremendously. I began photographing breastfeeding mamas in honor of World Breastfeeding Week in 2012 and was so delighted with how many were willing and eager to participate that I launched a project to normalize breastfeeding in public in 2013. I also capture some very natural and beautiful, yet private, breastfeeding moments during my lifestyle newborn sessions. But the public breastfeeding images are captured from a truly documentary standpoint, and have had the most impact on my audience. I am inspired by the women I have photographed, both in the comfort of their homes and out in public. It is both an honor to help normalize breastfeeding via my art and help break down misconceptions about breastfeeding in public via my project.