Birth Photography

You are investing in “Austin’s Best Birth Photographer” 2013-2019! Leilani comes with years of experience and the highest of reputations in the birth photography community in Austin, Cedar Park, Round Rock and surrounding areas. Your investment includes being on call day/night from 38 weeks to 42 weeks, all correspondence/consultations, the length of your birth (from active labor until 2 hours post partum) and the digital package of your choosing. You may also inquire about combining doula services with photography/videography.

Birth Photography Collections  
Full Birth Coverage in both color and black&white, Preserve Happy birth film, and linen bound birth story$4890
Full Birth Coverage in both color and black&white $2790
Full Birth Coverage in black&white $2390

Newborn Photography

Newborn Session Options
First Glimpse Session by 2 days old (40 digital images)$995
Lifestyle Newborn Session between 3 – 10 days old (20 digital images)$795
Breastfeeding Portrait Session, all ages welcome (15 digital images)$695

Your Birth Story In Print! $50 credit for all clients!


Birth & Newborn Photography Pricing Details:

  • A $500 deposit is required with your signed contract, which will either be given in person at the first appointment for birth photography clients, or emailed directly to newborn session clients. Birth clients – at our appointment we will go over the contract, discuss your birth plans, ask/answer questions and just get to know each other and make sure I am a good fit for your photography needs.
  • I remain at your birth for approximately 2 hours post partum, or until the newborn exam is complete, a family or birth team photo is taken, and/or an herbal bath – if planned and provided by client – is complete. Please note that this kind of bath is different from a fresh floral bath. Fresh floral baths are scheduled separately, and I bring all that is required (fresh flowers and herbal bath mix).
  • First Glimpse sessions are completely customizable… they can be done any time within 2 days of birth, between the hours of 9 and 5pm. First Glimpse sessions are a good option for those who want those special moments surrounding the baby’s birth captured, without the added cost or concern with having an extra person in the room during actual labor.
  • The First Glimpse pricing includes up to 2 hours of my time. This session must take place during business hours, so although I am on call of sorts, the session must be scheduled between the hours of 9-5pm. First Glimpse sessions include several baby shots, first snuggles and impressions with Mom and Dad, breastfeeding (if desired), and if convenient – meeting family members. Baby’s measurements, weight, and footprints might also be reenacted or reserved for these photos as well, as long your care provider(s) are willing.
  • Newborn Session clients will receive all their images in both color and black and white.
  • How does a Lifestyle Newborn session differ from a First Glimpse session? The newborn session can be scheduled further in advance. Although I do stay as true as possible to my documentary style, this session is more hands on with regards to posing baby and choosing various settings in your home as a backdrop, giving a more polished and stylized feel. Due to these differences, the newborn session yields fewer images than a First Glimpse session.