i heart faces "motherhood" – Leilani Rogers, Austin, TX Baby Photography

I am obsessed with mothers and children right now because I’ve been formulating an idea for some time now that revolves around them. Â I also had the awesome opportunity just a week ago to shoot a birth. Â And not just any birth – the birth of my niece. Â It was such an amazing experience. Â I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of photos from that over the next few weeks, but this one is special for I Heart Faces’ “Motherhood” challenge this week.


I think my sister-in-law Sarah is such an amazing mother! Â This photo is beautiful because of the tenderness she has for her children, not because I am a good photographer. Â I am so grateful that she has invited me into her home so many times over the last week in my endeavors to capture rare moments like this.


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  1. by Britney Hudson on May 10, 2011  12:05 am Reply

    oh my gosh! SO precious!!!!! This photo is priceless, the composition is amazing, and the colors are beautiful!

  2. by reyanna on May 10, 2011  12:20 am Reply

    Oh, Leilani, this is so beautiful! I can't wait to see more of the birth too! :-)

  3. by Kelsey Smith on May 10, 2011  12:37 am Reply

    I am in LOVE with this photo! Awesome shot!

  4. by Laurie on May 10, 2011  1:15 am Reply

    I LOVE this!

  5. by Korindi on May 10, 2011  3:02 am Reply

    Such a sweet moment! I love it.

  6. by Megan on May 10, 2011  6:13 am Reply

    The colors are beautiful!

  7. by Diana on May 10, 2011  4:48 pm Reply

    Stunning. I love that it's a "hidden" moment.

  8. by Jessamyn on May 11, 2011  6:42 pm Reply

    Looove love love! This is beautiful, and soft, and deliciously amazing.

  9. by Kaycee Harding Photo on May 12, 2011  12:08 am Reply

    really love this photo! It's like being right there in the moment :)

  10. by Kim on May 13, 2011  11:06 am Reply

    Saw this on the Faces contest post and loved it. Stopped over to say so. : ) Gorgeous.

  11. by Jackie on May 15, 2011  4:47 pm Reply

    Such a wonderful shot! I love the composition

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