Capturing the Joy in LifeMy friend Kristen Duke is doing a fun new series encouraging Moms to get in front of the camera. And this weekend on my way to photograph my cousin’s wedding in Dallas, I hit a small town called italy that had FIELDS of sunflowers. Just like in Tuscany. Sunflowers have always been a favorite of mine.  So you bet I pulled over! And gave my daughter a brief photography lesson! And posed gleefully for the camera!

Sadly there are none of me with her, as it was just the 2 of us. No tripod and my camera is way to heavy to have tried holding it out in front of me getting a shot of us. And then of course we were out int he middle of nowhere so no passersby to take a shot for us. But I am in love with the photos!

I sorta love how she filled so much of the frame with the sky in a few of these.  Very artsy looking, huh?

It was just about sunset when we started, so my photos kind of span that time frame. We got some really fun color changes in the sky as the sun fell.

I just love this photo with the moon in the sky and the sunflowers barely illuminated enough by the sun still.

And here is my talented photographer:

Click the thumbnails below to see more!


  1. by Beth @ Free Stylin' on June 4, 2012  10:11 pm Reply

    Leilani, these pictures are absolutely beautiful. I love them all!

  2. by reyanna on June 4, 2012  10:16 pm Reply

    These look awesome! She did a fabulous job!

    LOOOOVE the ones of the sunset too. :-)

  3. by kristen duke on June 6, 2012  8:22 am Reply

    oh my goodness, that field is gorgeous!!! I didn't know there was an Italy, TX. thanks for linking up!

  4. by Shelley M. on June 14, 2012  10:28 pm Reply

    So much FUN! Love them!

  5. by Caroljean on July 10, 2012  12:06 pm Reply

    Oh my, I want to see a field of sunflowers! Gorgeous! Came over from I Heart Faces...thanks for the info!

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