Fairy Birthday Party

Sasha’s 6th birthday party was so magical.  I had way too much fun putting it together, but I know she loved every second of it.  And I think her friends did, too!  (Each of the thumbnails below are clickable, so that you can see the photos full-size.  You can also browse through them gallery-style by clicking the arrows that appear on either side of the photos).


Here are the invitations we gave out.  They were fairy-sized!  We paired them with a magnifying glass, just for fun.

[nggallery id=23]

This is what they said:

“Far, far away, in a magical place,

lives a cute little fairy, with a soft, smiling face.

She waits for her friends in the golden morning sun,

Won’t you come on July 28th, to join in the birthday fun?

With goodies to eat, and fun games to play,

Your arrival at 10:00 (am) would make Sasha’s day!”

I found this wording online somewhere, so sorry I didn’t save the source so that I could give it credit.  But I did tweak it slightly to my own taste.


The decorations for the party were really fun to make.  I pulled a lot of things from around the house to complete the look – willow branches and anything earthy I could get my hands on (to keep it more traditional and less cartoon-y).  I framed favorite quotes (from Peter Pan and Samuel Lover).  I was even given a few fairy figurines from my dear friend Lois, who collects fairies, to borrow.  They added such a nice touch, and although the girls all wanted to touch them, they left them alone and admired them from afar.  Lois was kind enough to take Sasha on a tour of her nicer collectibles in her home, too.  Sasha was in awe of them.  It was very sweet to watch her eyes light up.  Here are some pictures of the decor for the party:

[nggallery id=18]

The first thing the girls did as they arrived, was eat from the Fairy Buffet.  Here are pictures of the fairy-sized food that was served:

[nggallery id=17]

We had cupcakes too!  And sang to the birthday girl.  Look how happy she is:

[nggallery id=22]

Then we began the activity portion of the party.  This was so fun.  First thing I did was read a book to the girls, called “How To Find Flower Fairies” (purchased from Chasing Fireflies).  It’ a gorgeous pop-up book with lots of fun little tidbits about types of fairies and where to look for them.  So naturally, the next thing we did was look for fairy dwellings!  We found a glitter trail on the fence, leading to a pot of “sun drops” (which the girls each got a scoop of in their favor bags to take home).  We found a trail of “wish rocks” leading to a fairy hidden under a bush.  So the girls got to make wish rocks of their own. We also found a fairy dwelling in a tree (got the darling little fairy door and window set from eFairies.com).  And last, we found an actual fairy house (made from a mini bird house) in the garden.  So they got to make a fairy house of their own as well.  After completing our fairy houses, we also made butterflies using coffee filters, markers, a spray bottle and pipe cleaners.  The girls drew their designs on the coffee filters, we went outside and gave them a good spray of water to make the colors blend together, and once they were dry we twisted them up like butterflies.  Here are some pictures:

[nggallery id=19]

Here are some more pictures of the girls having fun throughout the party:

[nggallery id=21]

As the girls left, they each got “dusted” with fairy dust.  For party favors, they each took home a bag (I bought these from eFairies.com as well) with rock candy, a necklace of “fairy Dust”, and their sun drops, fairy houses, wish rocks and butterflies!  I think they made out like fat pigs, don’t you?

[nggallery id=20]

Sasha loved her party.  She had a huge smile on her face the entire time.  I just love to make her smile, and I love living vicariously through my children as I plan these parties.  I want them to feel special and I want them to experience something magical on their birthdays!  Aside from Christmas it’s the only time I really spoil my kiddos.  Except I enjoy it so much, I feel like I’m spoiling myself a little too.;)





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  • BrianAugust 1, 2012 - 10:11 am

    What a really cute theme for a little girls party.
    Lovely photos.ReplyCancel

  • Angela SAugust 16, 2012 - 12:03 am

    Beautiful party!! I’m planning to have a fairy party for my daughter once she’s old enough to really enjoy it. She’s just turning 3 next month. Maybe in two or three years. I can’t wait! Love your beautiful photos!!ReplyCancel





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