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This has got to be one of the most touching stories I’ve ever heard. Sebastian was born on June 20. When he was 4 days old some unfortunate circumstances arose and his parents were no longer able to care for him. Unless a family stepped forward immediately to adopt him, he would be going into the foster care system. Brandon and Summer had very recently decided to become foster parents when this opportunity landed in their lap. They followed their heart, trusted God and jumped in with both feet! A few days later, they were parents! Summer says, “It has been so amazing how many simply MIRACULOUS things God orchestrated to make this happen. The natural birth community and church community have stepped up and made everything possible. We’ve received donations of baby items and breast milk, as well as an adoption attorney on a minute’s notice.”

Summer is a student midwife and was in attendance at the twin birth I recently blogged about. The attending midwife, Heather, called me a couple weeks ago and asked me if I’d be willing to photograph something like a birth session for Summer, Brandon and Sebastian. She said she had asked Summer who she would like to do it, and Summer picked me. I was so incredibly touched by that. It sounded like such a sweet (and unique) idea that I said yes without any hesitation. Heather wanted Summer to experience the bonding that happens between a mama and her newborn the way so many of their clients do. And so we photographed Summer and Sebastian in the birth pool having a relaxing bath together. We weighed him and Summer and Brandon discovered he had gained nearly 2 lbs. since they’d joined his family. We got his footprints done. And we took some lovely skin-to-skin shots, as well as a few with a beautiful afghan around them, symbolizing warmth, and a joining together forever as a new family.

As a birth photographer I witness some incredible things, obviously. This was no different. Seeing how Sebastian looked at his mother, and how she cared for him, and how soft Brandon was with him – it warmed my heart to the brim. In fact I think it grew a few sizes! I truly enjoyed capturing this special time in their lives. Enjoy the images and feel free to leave a comment for this sweet new union of souls.


  1. by Carla on July 14, 2013  8:55 pm Reply

    You are one very talented photographer and this is a beautiful story. These images are precious!! What an amazing time for this new family, just beautiful x

  2. by Sara B on July 14, 2013  9:00 pm Reply

    Well, if that isn't the sweetest thing I have ever seen?! So precious!! What a blessing to have this family united. Love, love, love!

  3. by Cindy Collins on July 14, 2013  9:28 pm Reply

    Beautiful story. Amazing photos. Thank you for sharing!

  4. by Salli on July 14, 2013  9:57 pm Reply

    Such a sweet story Leilani!

  5. by Rachel on July 14, 2013  10:03 pm Reply

    Beautiful story, beautiful photography, and beautiful new family!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. by Kim on July 14, 2013  10:50 pm Reply

    So beautiful! This brought tears of joy to my eyes. I am so happy for that new little family. Beautiful photographs as usual and such a great post!

  7. by Raquel on July 14, 2013  11:03 pm Reply

    I am so touched! You captured everything so well that looking at these makes u feel like you're there with them. Pure bliss in those parents faces and that little guy, he is just dreamy! My fave is the B&W of just the baby held in the water! Great job!

  8. by Casey on July 14, 2013  11:03 pm Reply

    These are absolutely beautiful! Sebastian was brought into this world to be their son. God is so amazing how he creates bonds between families!

  9. by Karen Pfeiffer on July 15, 2013  8:07 am Reply

    What an absolutely beautiful way for this Mother and Father to bond with her new son. What a lucky, blessed little boy to have them step into his life, and what a gorgeous gift you have given them all with these precious memories of the time they got to know each other. Thank you so much for sharing x

  10. by Kristin on July 15, 2013  8:52 am Reply

    This is so amazing!!!! Beautiful and inspirational.

  11. by Cyndi on July 15, 2013  10:43 am Reply

    Absolutely in awe~ This is incredible~ I can only hope that someday I will have the privilege of taking photos like this!

  12. by misty on July 15, 2013  12:41 pm Reply

    love this so much. i just cried and loved every photo

  13. by Amanda on July 15, 2013  7:20 pm Reply

    So beautiful!

  14. by Erica on July 15, 2013  7:22 pm Reply

    This is an amazing story and an amazing thing. Wonderful and you can really see their love.

  15. by Kaley Weller on July 15, 2013  9:21 pm Reply

    This was a very touching story to share with others. I happy you were able to be apart of such an axing day! I can't wait to dear am update. Photos are incredible.

  16. by Isabel Eddleman on July 15, 2013  11:11 pm Reply

    What a blessing all around! What a blessing this baby is to these parents, the parents to the baby, for you to get to be a part of it, and these beautiful pictures that you are sharing with us. They tell an amazing story. Thank you!

  17. by Emily Bessey on July 16, 2013  6:29 am Reply

    Summer- you are inspiring... What a gift... Alll the best to your beautiful family! Xoxo

  18. by Kim Myrick on July 16, 2013  9:29 am Reply

    These are incredible! I'm a doula in town and hope to meet you someday:) Your work is breathtaking and you are giving all of these families (and the public too), such a gift with these images.
    And to the new family, what a beautiful story. Congratulations and blessings to you!

  19. by Cara on July 16, 2013  6:00 pm Reply

    What a gorgeous, glowing family! They were all meant to be together, clearly. All 3 are just beaming with love and joy... Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!

  20. by Melanie on July 17, 2013  8:16 pm Reply

    I am tearing up looking at the pictures...what a beautiful story. They sound like they will make great parents :)

  21. by Jacqueline on July 17, 2013  8:17 pm Reply

    This is so beautiful! What a great story! He's such a gorgeous baby! I'm glad he found loving parents and I'm happy they get to be parents to a beautiful baby!

  22. by miranda on July 18, 2013  11:31 am Reply

    oh! what a beautiful story, a beautiful baby, a beautiful family and a beautiful album! blessings abound!

  23. by vivian on July 21, 2013  3:51 pm Reply are amazingly talented Leilane. You capture so much more in your pictures, I've never seen anything like it. I really enjoy looking at your pictures. I wish you were in Virginia. Well, let me know if you will be around here mid October, and I would love to have you doing my baby's birth pictures You are great!

  24. by jodie on September 12, 2013  7:27 pm Reply

    What a beautiful story and family.

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