The Birth of Kaleva – Austin Birth Photographer

Stefanie contacted me early in her pregnancy.  So it was very exciting when her day finally arrived!  It was a beautiful but brisk morning and the fire was on when I got to her cozy home out in Killeen.  I walked in to find Stefanie concentrating during her contractions, her midwives surrounding her.  Stefanie’s husband is in the military and was in and out that morning because he was on duty.  But he timed his final arrival perfectly, and it was fun to capture him in his fatigues for the birth of their first son (second baby)!

Stefanie gave birth in her own tub.  The morning light was gorgeous as it fell around her.  I snagged myself a prime seat in the shower for the remainder of her birth.  Yep!  I stood on a stool and got the “bird’s eye view”.  It was absolutely perfect!

Stefanie birthed quietly, but she was so strong.  Her doula Krystal attended to hip squeezes for a good hour before Kaleva was born.  And he came swiftly.  Opened his eyes to take in his surroundings, and once dried off and comfy in bed with her, latched onto Mama’s breast right away.  What a beautiful baby he is!

To read more about the origin of Kaleva read HERE

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