Project 52: Week 2 “B&W”

This project is already making me push myself to search for the moments. In my line of work (birth photography) you get to sit and wait for the magic to appear. With structured themes I have 2 choices 1) create the moment or  2) hunt for it. If you know my work at all you know there is not setting the scene for me.

I got to the very end of week 2 and still didn’t have my photo for week 2’s theme, which is black and white. So I begrudgingly got my camera out and searched the house for something that would convert well to black and white. It was dark and the lighting inside was crap, but I found my teenager and Sol the cat snuggled up cozy on the sofa and knew that the moment (although imperfectly lit) had to be documented. And that’s what I really want this project to be. Capturing real moments, nothing contrived.

1 image a week for a whole year. Week 2 theme is "B&W".

1 image a week for a whole year. Week 2 theme is "B&W".

Check out Esther Edith’s B&W image for week 2 HERE.

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