When your breastfeeding days are numbered…

Ask any mom who’s breastfeeding days are tapering down how she feels about it, and she will tell you that breastfeeding has been one of the most precious moments in her life as a mother. “But aren’t you exhausted?” “Yes.” “Aren’t you ready to have your body back?” “Yes.” “Will you miss it?” “YES!” That will be perhaps the most resounding yes.

I’ve begun documenting Moms’ breastfeeding journeys from a different angle… because time is short and before you know it, your breastfeeding days are over. When you’ve got a newborn, a breastfeeding photography session just might not make sense. Not after having your birth documented, perhaps even newborn photos taken too. However it’s not long after baby has experienced all his firsts, that the lasts follow. And that’s the most bittersweet experience for moms. As your child needs you less and less, your heart realizes how full it’s been. Through all the demands on your time, through all the touching, through all the middle of the night feeds. So, to preserve the end of such a selfless investment of your time, your body, and your desire to have a long and successful breastfeeding journey makes a lot of sense!

Meet Tysha. She and her 4th child, Hudson, have been breastfeeding for 16 months:

“It’s not often we get to have images of this most beautiful of relationships between mother and child, and Leilani has truly given me a gift that I will always treasure. Often the little day-to-day, minute-to-minute things begin to fade as the years go by, as we naturally grow and shift forward in time. However, I know that one day down the road when I pull these photos out, I am going to remember some of those little things in a heartbeat. I love the way Hudson giggles when I stroke the bottom of his feet when I am feeding him. The way he pauses to look at me with his ocean blue eyes to smile. And the way he gives me fist bumps while he happily nurses. I know I can’t nurse him forever, and that sooner rather than later this treasured time will end. Which is why this was the perfect time for our little photo shoot. Perfect.”

If you're interested in booking a breastfeeding session to preserve your happy breastfeeding journey, email me at leilani@photosbylei.com.

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  1. by Kim on August 17, 2016  5:20 pm Reply

    This is beautiful. I'm so thankful for all the images we have of our children breastfeeding. I look back at them (of my daughter, my son is still nursing) often.

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