Documenting the Breast Crawl

At one of my recent births, I had the pleasure of documenting a breast crawl. I’m an active breastfeeding photographer, in addition to photographing births, so it was really cool to watch and document this event. I’ve read a lot about the benefits of the breast crawl and got to see for myself how much more smoothly baby latches on and successfully feeds for the first time when they are given time to find their own way to (and motivation to latch onto) the breast.

According to, “human babies, like other baby mammals, instinctively know how to find their mother’s breast. The Breast Crawl is associated with a variety of sensory, central, motor and neuro-endocrine components, all directly or indirectly helping the baby to move and facilitate her survival in the new world. Smell, vision and taste all help the newborn to detect and find the breast. Auditory inputs and touch make her comfortable and help to create a suitable environment.”

Check out this amazing series of a newborn’s journey to the breast.


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