Surrogacy is Love – A Second Journey

I had the honor of documenting local doula Leticia’s second surrogate journey a couple months ago! You probably remember her first journey… the journey of twins born on different days. Well, birth is unpredictable. And Leticia’s second journey proved that fact! Of the experience, Leticia wrote:

Journey #2 began like most. After having such an incredible journey the first time around, I found myself wanting to fulfill a family’s wishes once again. The one thing I was 100% sure about was I wanted a SET (single embryo transfer) as the thought of carrying twins again sent me running for the hills! The search to find new IPs proved to be like a rollercoaster with some ups and downs and when I thought of just giving up the search two words changed it all. A “Surro Sister” is a term used for those of us who share the special bond of surrogacy. We share all the joys, pains, excitements and heartbreaks, but most importantly the amazing experience of helping to create and complete families. I first met Tia through our TX Surrogate Support Facebook group and we eventually became good friends. Her former IPs were also looking to match for their 2nd journey and Tia wanted them to match with someone she trusted and so I agreed to meet with them. M&F were equally nervous when we first met, but after a great coffee shop meeting we decided to move forward in hopes of having them welcome their next little muffin. They had only one embryo left and of course the nerves set in, but our transfer was a success and their newest muffin was set to arrive around July 22, 2016. From the beginning we agreed to use a midwife and birth center for a more natural and holistic approach. They were able to attend most of the appointments and each time they heard the heartbeat, the more their excitement grew. My pregnancy was pretty textbook and I felt amazing the entire time. At 13 weeks, we found out their sweet muffin would be another girl. As the weeks and milestones went by, we all wondered when she would make her appearance. I joked that she would be born in August since I would be 42 weeks then and my body seems to love to hold on to babies. I think her chill personality on the inside proved to show she was in no hurry to meet the world. Well sure enough, 40 weeks came and went with no signs of this little muffin meeting her parents. After trying some natural induction methods with no success, we decided to schedule an induction at 41.6. That morning I woke up with some contractions, but nothing exciting so I hoped they would pick up and get stronger. As I waited, my Doula instinct kicked in and somehow I knew this would be a different experience. I checked into the hospital with my husband, friends, Doula, midwife and IPs by my side all excited and anxious to greet this little one. My labor proved to be more eventful than my pregnancy as her heart rate kept having decelerations while I wasn’t contracting and so the decision was made to have a cesarean delivery. I experienced all of the emotional thoughts and feelings when a mama hears those words, but I was 100% confident in my OB and completely at peace with it. With my husband by my side, I was wheeled into the OR where Alexia Maria was welcomed at 7:57pm on 8/4/16. I remember wanting to just hear her cry and wishing I could see her parents faces when they met their precious muffin, but birth is unpredictable and I was thankful she arrived safely. While it was not the outcome we predicted, it was her story and she was perfect! “Challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” -Joshua J. Marine. There are so many people I want to thank. Tia for your friendship and trust. We are forever connected both as Surro Sisters and in helping complete our IPs with their beautiful girls. To the mother and father for trusting me to grow and care for your precious muffin. My husband Carmichael for his never-ending love and support. Many thanks and love to my family and friends for all their support. To the Doulas and Midwives for their trust and knowledge of labor and birth. To Dr. Hinds who continues to provide his patients with the best care possible. Last, but not least to Leilani whose passion to capture the most intimate moments never ceases to amaze me. 💜

Here is Leticia’s birth story. Enjoy!

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