Birth Photography

Why birth photography? Most people hire a photographer for their wedding day. It’s a beautiful, momentous occasion that marks one of the biggest days of your life. I think giving birth is just as important an event!

Birth photography documents the work, the excitement, the anticipation, the support and tender exchanges between you and your partner during labor. It documents that precious moment when you finally meet your baby. It documents all the exciting post partum moments following birth… breathing your baby in, learning to breastfeed, meeting family members.

Birth photography empowers. It’s easy to forget how strong and amazing you are in the moment. Looking back on your birth photos reminds you. Birth photography heals. If you’re looking to have a different birth experience that you have in the past, or need reassurance in processing a difficult birth, your photos can be a source of comfort and healing.

These precious moments are so often missed because there’s just not enough hands. I want to capture these moments for you. They cannot be recreated and they should be celebrated and remembered forever!