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  • Image Of The Year - Born In The Caul

  • Good afternoon, everyone! What an exciting week this has been. I have entered my caul image into the "Image Of The Year" competition with www.birthphotographers.com. This week they've held a "People's Choice" portion, and all the entrants are campaigning for votes for their image! I am thrilled [...]
  • An Adoption Story - Austin Birth Photographer

  • This has got to be one of the most touching stories I've ever heard. Sebastian was born on June 20. When he was 4 days old some unfortunate circumstances arose and his parents were no longer able to care for him. Unless a family stepped forward immediately to adopt him, he would be going into the[...]
  • Baby Hugo - Round Rock, TX Photographer

  • I had a lovely time photographing all of Hugo's adorable features a couple weeks ago. He is so darling, and his Mama Aliisha is just the sweetest, most beautiful soul (and person). P.S. - I think I'm developing an obsession with baby parts. I want to take all my favorite photos of baby hands,[...]
  • Meilee Class of 2013 - Austin, TX Photographer

  • I love a good creative session. Meilee mixed some traditional shots in with with some very fun fantasy-like shots for her senior session. I posted a couple on my facebook page and had a few people request that I blog the whole session (I don't blog everything I shoot). Since we had so much fun an[...]