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  • Project 52: week 3 "Patterns"

  • On to week 3 of Project 52! The theme for this week was patterns. I struggled with this one, until I began thinking outside the box! I really want to include a family member in every photo for this project (so that I'm also meeting a goal to document my family more) and with themes like this, that c[...]
  • Project 52: Week 2 "B&W"

  • This project is already making me push myself to search for the moments. In my line of work (birth photography) you get to sit and wait for the magic to appear. With structured themes I have 2 choices 1) create the moment or  2) hunt for it. If you know my work at all you know there is not setting t[...]
  • The Best Birth Photos of 2015

  • It wasn't an easy task, but I've selected my best birth photos from 2015. I feel fortunate to have met each family I worked with this past year. Every kind of birth is beautiful, and luckily I was able to capture a huge variety in 2015. I was also blessed with a  multitude of new opportunities. I fo[...]
  • Project 52: Week 1 "NEW"

  • I joined a Project 52 group. Yay! This means I have committed to take 1 non-biz related photo of my family each week in 2016. This week's theme is "NEW". The new year is a great time to try new things. My daughter and her cousin decided to try ice skating.  They loved it. And despite my concern that[...]