I Heart Faces Challenge: Happiness – Leilani Rogers, Austin, TX Childrens Photographer

I am entering this month’s I Heart Faces Challenge, which is “Happiness”. I took this photo of my daughter in the bluebonnets a couple weeks ago. I love it because it is such a happy shot of her, but also because it makes me so happy to look at it! She is such a joy in my life!

DSC_4408a copy

Photo Challenge Submission


  1. by Casie on April 4, 2012  3:40 pm Reply

    I love this picture - gorgeous!

  2. by Lisa on April 4, 2012  3:48 pm Reply

    Having just moved back to Texas after 2 years over seas, I'm in love with the bluebonnets all over again! Beautifully captured!

  3. by Ali on April 4, 2012  10:51 pm Reply

    Love the bluebonnets! That creamy light is lovely too! Beautiful girl!

  4. by Rachael S on April 5, 2012  12:15 pm Reply

    Wow, this picture is amazing! I wish my husband and I were able to do bluebonnet pictures this year...but maybe next year, this picture just is to die for!

  5. by Jama on April 5, 2012  4:12 pm Reply

    Love this capture and love bluebonnets!

  6. by mickie on April 5, 2012  6:18 pm Reply


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