First Glimpse of Avi – Birth

A “First Glimpse” session takes place within 48 hours of birth, at the hospital, birth center or home (if that is where your birth took place). It is done during business hours and is customized to fit the needs of the couple that may not want a photographer at the whole birth, for whatever reason. A great way to still capture those great first impressions of baby with mom, dad, siblings, as well as fun moments like making footprints and giving baby the first bath! Here’s a few images from my “First Glimpse” session on Wednesday with cute little Avi North:



{meet Avi, just 1 hour old}


{10 lbs.of glorious chub!}


{time to meet her big brother Caleb}


{... and Beckett, too... who is already helping calm his sister with a gentle shhhh...}



{and then there were 5}




{time for footprints!}



{and then a bath}


{Avi loved the water}


{felt so much like home she yawned and began to doze}


{Daddy points out that this is what her hand looked like when she came out... and Mommy joked that this being the sign for potty explains why she had a bowel movement right away!}


{so happy to have her girl}


On the day you were born the Earth turned, the moon pulled, the Sun flared, and then, with a push, you slipped out of the dark quiet where suddenly you could hear... a circle of people singing with voices familiar and clear. Â And as they held you close they whispered into your open, curving ear, "We are so glad you've come!" --On the Day You Were Born, by Debra Frasier


  1. by Kelly Gesick on March 9, 2012  12:49 pm Reply

    Beautiful! You captured some incredibly sweet and beautiful moments! I love the yawning in the bath. Too cute!

  2. by Emmy on March 9, 2012  4:03 pm Reply

    Beautiful pictures! I know Amy will cherish them forever!

  3. by Lei on March 9, 2012  5:17 pm Reply

    Thank you Kelly, thank you Emmy!

  4. by reyanna on March 10, 2012  12:53 am Reply

    Love these! Just beautiful!! :-)

  5. by Camille Duckworth on April 28, 2012  2:39 am Reply

    Lei these are beautiful I nearly cried! It's such an amazing time in life, to have it captured so well will be so priceless! I took pictures today of a preemie just 2 days old. She is 2 lbs. It was so crazy. I felt very nervous as I've never done anything like that. If anything it was just humbling to think about how miraculous God is. To see that tiny thing alive, and well and functioning. Amazing.

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