Welcome Molly! – Austin, TX Birth Photographer

I attended another beautiful birth last week.  Who am I kidding, they’re all beautiful!  This time for someone who’s become such a good friend.  Kirsten and her husband Tom redesigned my website this year.  And as I’ve gotten to know them first professionally and now personally I have become quite fond of them and their (now) 2 little girls molly and Mia.


Kirsten’s birth began late afternoon on a Sunday, and I got the call to come to her home about 2:30AM.  This was my first ever middle-of-the-night call!  My adrenaline was pumping though, so it wasn’t difficult to arouse my faculties and get over there and get busy.  Baby Molly was born about 4 hours later.  She came into the world so peacefully.  Her mother and father took her into their arms so tenderly.  And big sister greeted her in the most gentle way.






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