Project 52: week 6 (strength), 7 (love) and 8 (barefoot)

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Catching up on Project 52 this weekend! Week 6 (strength) is an image of my son playing World of Warships with his dad. (I would have loved to capture one of my kids doing hard labor or something of the sort, ha!)  This image makes me think of playing games with my dad when I was little. “This is war”, he would say to me. He hated to lose.  Jonah’s dad isn’t quite so competitive with his kids. So it’s nice to see them triumphantly win once in a while!

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Week 7 (love) is a photo of my other son loving on his dog. His best friend (for reals). These 2 have a very sweet connection.

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Week 8 (barefoot) is a picture of my youngest just before the Daddy Daughter Dance last night. I remember dancing like this with my dad! There are so many more tricks you can do on the dance floor with a little help 😉

Nest up in our Project 52 circle is Kristin Bell Photography!

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