My 63 Most Captivating Images of 2016

2016 was full of captivating moments. The families I met are wonderful, the *photographers I worked with were incredible. I photographed 25 mothers/babies this year, spoke at The Baby Summit, and was published online and in print over 60 times! I am absolutely thrilled with the exposure birth and breastfeeding photography received this past year. Thank you to all those who have helped me portray motherhood in such positive ways… this includes clients who have been willing to share their birth stories publicly, care providers who support me, and the members of PBAP (some of who have been with me from the beginning in 2014 )!

*I began mentoring other photographers this year and found that I LOVE IT! If you’re looking to infuse new life into your business in 2017, contact me at

ENJOY this year’s compilation of best birth and breastfeeding photography moments…

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