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Everly’s birth was a powerful one. She came swiftly into the world, so swiftly in fact that her daddy barely made it, and I missed it by mere minutes. But Victoria was eager to meet her sweet babe after weeks and weeks of anticipation. So a fast birth was a welcome one, I think! And we still got so many lovely moments captured on camera.

I’ve known this sweet family for a few years, so I was truly honored when they reached out to me to capture the birth of their final baby.  Being that Victoria is also a photographer, I found it especially rewarding to be chosen to document this special moment for them.

Having experienced a prior loss, Victoria and Kyle knew that preserving this moment was really important to them. A beautiful end to a long journey with making their family complete. Victoria gave birth at the same hospital she’d used with her prior births (Scott and White in Round Rock, TX) and even had the same nurse, Gayle. I love that everyone who was involved was like one big family. They all made a celebratory moment even more special with their endless support, smiles and encouragement! Plus they are just fun people (Victoria’s mom especially… who kiddingly asked me prior to the birth what everyone should wear.) Victoria’s mom, dad, and sister were followed by Great Grandma with Victoria and Kyle’s other 3 children. They were a hoot! I loved documenting them meeting their baby sister for the first time. Some of them were rather curious and others hardly seemed to notice what had just happened. I think their presents from Baby Everly seemed more exciting!

I hope you enjoy this sweet collection of images from Everly’s birth. This much love and laughter sure makes my job easy!


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