World Doula Week 2017 – Austin TX Birth Photography

Every year on March 22-28 the world celebrates doulas with World Doula Week. I used a doula with my last birth (that was, ahem, 11 years ago) and we still keep in touch. Because doulas are awesome and truly care for their clients. I decided I’d write a bit of a tribute to them in honor of World Doula Week this year. The Austin birth community is full of amazing doulas and I have had the honor of photographing many of them!

An ode to doulas. Midnight heroes. Ice and honey stick servers. Hip squeezers extraordinaire. Perfecters of the drop-everything-and-go. Can tinkle in 29 seconds. Know all the fastest stoplight free routes. Experts at boldly, nay proudly, discussing birth and after birth in the busiest of Starbucks. Endurance pros. With the stamina of marathon runners. Able to go straight from “all nighters” to the grocery store. Birthday parties to birth centers. Gas tank (and perspective) always half full. Light sleepers when necessary. Deep sleepers when necessary. Even on cold hospital floors. At your service within 30 minutes of your call. With provisions for 48 hours. And a smile.

Feel free to share with your favorite doula! Enjoy the photos below of doulas supporting moms (and dads) in a million ways and in a variety of birth environments… hospital, home and birth center. Doulas are amazing. Happy World Doula Week!

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