Top 18 Images of Midwives | International Day of the Midwife

It is International Day of the Midwife, which means I’ve been combing my photo galleries for my top 18 favorite images of midwives in action. Midwives are essentially birth mothers: the glue that holds everything together. They are not only medically skilled, but guide women through their entire pregnancy, and into labor with assurance and love. Midwives are uniquely devoted to their clients, often visiting them in their home for their prenatal appointments both during pregnancy and post partum, and getting to know not just the mother-to-be, but her family as well. Midwives take time to talk to mothers about their birth wishes, dispel worries and fear, and encourage them to trust in their bodies. They also take great care to create a healthy, peaceful birth environment, whether at home or in the hospital. I love the midwives in Austin, and hope to honor them with this beautiful collection of birth photography so that others can see how amazing the midwifery care in Austin, TX is!

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