18 Things Your Birth Photographer Is Trained For

Birth photography might seem as simple as having your partner, friend, or aunt snap a few pictures (since they’re going to be there anyway). But in reality hiring a birth photographer is as important a process as hiring a wedding photographer.  Like wedding photography, birth photography has its own unique set of challenges. Challenges you can’t trust someone who is unskilled/unprepared for/unexperienced with to handle.

Challenges Birth Photographers Face

Being on call 24/7 in the weeks prior to and after your due date
Ready to go on a moment’s notice (equipment packed and charged up)
Reliable equipment suitable for…
Low light and tight spaces
Backup equipment (yes, that means 2 professional cameras)
Backup photographers (for emergencies on our end)
The unpredictability of babies (some babies come early/some come late) 
Fast babies (short births)
Slow babies (long births)
Middle of the night babies (aka most babies) 
Babies born on holidays and during special events (missed Halloween one year!)
The unpredictability of birth (hospital transfers, emergency cesareans, loss)
Respect for all birth choices – especially if they are unlike your own
Hospital policy (they are far more likely to accept a professional photographer)
Engaging a hesitant partner in the story
Consistent and artful editing
Thorough coverage of your birth story

Birth photographers are trained in more ways that one. I understand photography. But I also understand birth. I understand the process and sacredness of this event. I know how to be quiet and I won’t flinch if you’re not quiet). I am unobtrusive. I won’t exploit your story. I will tell your birth story with dedication and grace. 

The cost is worth it. The skill and experience a professional birth photographer provides… Worth it. But don’t take my word for it.

dependable birth photographer in austin, tx

“I was so impressed with her work! Everything was so genuine and unforced. She had a way of being present for those intimate scenes, without disturbing their flow. I love that she didn’t ask for us to pose – she captured real moments between all of us there. If you are looking for a dependable photographer, look no further!” – Maren (Cedar Park, TX)

“We will not have a birth without Leilani photographing it! She is simply amazing and gets the most breathtaking pictures every time!” – Hunter (Austin, TX)

“Hiring Leilani as our birth photographer was the best decision, ever. Aside from her sweet yet professional personality, Leilani knows how to read a room. Our story had a lot of sensitive moments, and Leilani was keenly aware of the feeling of the room and picked up on any unpleasant energy or awkward moments, and effortlessly adjusted accordingly. And none of this is to mention how phenomenally gorgeous her work is. We’d hire her for every single family event in our lives if we could, but we’re so glad she captured the moment we became a family of 8!”- Megan (Austin, TX)

“One of the best decisions I have made is choosing Leilani to be my home birth photographer.
I’m not yet two weeks postpartum, and have seen a handful of the images Leilani captured during my labor and delivery. Leilani, I love seeing my labor and delivery through your lens. It brings the experience to a different light, capturing moments of time that I wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Even though it was my labor and delivery, I have very little memory of much of it… my eyes were closed so much of my labor that my memory of the labor in general isn’t shaped by things that could have been observed. Thank you for letting me see and experience my birth experience, in many ways, for the first time. It is beautiful indeed.” – Pragati (Austin, TX)

” Leilani captures the authenticity of every session. Her professionalism is top-notch, but what I love most is that she makes you feel like your session is her most important one. She cares about providing images that will be with your family for a lifetime. Love her!” – Kathryn (Round Rock, TX)

“We all know that birth is a beautiful moment in our lives. But there are no words to describe the beauty that Leilani is truly able to capture. Having to have a c-section was incredibly tough for me, and I was a mess, knowing I wouldn’t be able to actually see my daughter being born. With Leilani there, however, the sterile blue curtain was seemingly gone, and I was able to see my daughter take her first breath. That moment is forever captured in a photograph. And for that, I owe Leilani the world.” – Sterling (Hutto, TX)




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